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Today, on this famous ungloryhole video, we have our buddy Kayden which kept speaking about the well-known glory hole. Therefore we told him that we could absolutely get him inside to test it out if he really wanted to. He really was excited once we told him that he nearly wanted to suck us. He is crazy about sucking big cocks, just like the hot guys from the CUTnUNCUT site! So we show him the right place and advised him to go inside the room and peep inside the unglory hole to see if anybody was inside. With his good luck someone was surely there and lets say there was plenty of action taking place at the well-known glory hole today. If you liked this video, check out the Next Door Male blog and watch some horny gay guys jacking off! See you soon,friends! Enjoy!


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Hey guys, ungloryhole here again with more content like always. You probably know by now that we bring you some hand picked scenes with guys giving blowjobs to some big cocks in glory holes every time and today we weren’t about to break that habit. This time we seem to have an expert in the art of cock sucking on one side of the hole. Right from the beginning he makes our guy feel amazingly while his expert tongue goes up and down the dick. So watch the dirty minded guy as he does his amazing cock sucking and we’ll see you next time like always. If you’re looking for similar content, join the www.wurstfilm.org blog and see some gorgeous guys sucking and fucking!

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This is a special day at ungloryhole and we have quite a gallery to show off for you today. You see this time we had a guy that was really shy providing his cock for the sucking. He to,d us in the beginning that he’s never done this sort of thing before and that he had a bit of emotions. We told him there’s nothing to fear as there’s just a stranger on the other side ready to suck his cock today. Eventually he places his cock through the hole and the stranger starts sucking on it like a champ. See how is this guy closing his eyes, to savor these moments, while his dick is getting sucked. If you liked this scene, you can enter the clubinfernodungeon.org website and see some cock hungry guys having sex!

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Hey guys, unglory hole here again with more content that you absolutely love. Today’s gallery has another amazing blowjob session done by a random stranger and seems that the guy having his cock sucked really enjoyed the experience today. We are providing you a truly exciting video that will surely make your day. You can see the red shirt guy as he moans in pleasure, as the stranger does one amazing job at sucking his hard dick today. Watch them and don’t forget to check out the past updates too everyone! Also you can visit the http://jakecruise.org/ blog for similar videos! See you next time!

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UngloryHole – First Class BJ

Another great week and time for another ungloryhole video for your enjoyment today. For this one we had a guy that really wanted to stick hi big dick in the glory hole for the random strangers to get around to sucking him off. He was mainly hoping for guys as only other guys know how to do a proper blowjob in his eyes, since they know how they want their cock sucked. So let’s not waste any more time and watch the twinks fucking!. The lucky guy that finally manages to enter the stall and start sucking sure knows what he’s doing as the guy offering the cock is all smiles the whole time. Enjoy and see you next week everyone! Until then, you can join the http://ironlockup.org/ site and see some horny guys sucking cocks and getting their asses stretched!

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Curiosity for the Ungloryhole

Today is a special day, as for this update we bring you a ungloryhole video with a couple. The man and woman seem to be a couple of swingers and they both seem to enjoy cock and pussy just as much. Well his girlfriend has decided to let him see for himself how a glory hole thing feels like. Un reluctantly the guys accepted as he always wanted to try this sort of thing out. So his woman takes him in the stall where very soon a cock pops out of the hole to present itself for the strange and horny couple. At first the woman takes it for a ride in her mouth to show her guy how it’s done afterwards it’s the dude’s turn to get his mouth wrapped around it. Enjoy seeing the two taking turns while they suck that cock today. Also you can join the http://www.nextdoorstudios.org blog and see some horny guys sucking cocks and swallowing big loads of jizz!

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For this incredible unglory hole pictures update we bring you another pair of dudes that want to enjoy this scene to the fullest. The pair of two decided to try out the whole thing today for spicing up their love life and it seems to be working, somewhat. One of the guys presents his dick through the hole as the other gets to suck on it not knowing it’s his boyfriends’ . And he does an amazing job of sucking it too. Oh and you won’t believe what these two did, the one sucking actually presented his ass got a pounding too. For similar hardcore gay sex scenes, join the www.marcusmojo.us site and see gorgeous Marcus sucking big cocks!

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Mystery blow

For today your number one source for gay glory hole updates returns. Today we got another eager and cock hungry dude that entered our stall, and wouldn’t you know it he’s really happy with the outcome today. At first he was a bit stunned at the size of the tiny penis that appeared through the hole, but he understood that he needed to get sucking on it to get it hard and big. So without further due, sit back and enjoy seeing him as he starts to blow it like a champ today. Wanna see other horny guys sucking big dicks? If you are in the mood, come and join us at straighthell.org !

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In this week’s unglory hole update we have another hot stud that seems to enjoy his afternoon blow job quickie. You see he was searching for this kind of thing for a long while, and he was kind of pissed that only women get to have fun like this. Today he lucked out though as he met our crew and mystery stall. Suffice to say he didn’t need long to understand what was going on. So without any more delays, sit back and enjoy this hot hunk as he goes down on some serious cock today for your enjoyment. Enjoy his blow job session and see you soon everyone! If you liked this scene and you are looking for similar hardcore gay sex scenes, enter the http://viscontitriplets.org/ blog! Enjoy!

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Ungloryhole returns again today with one more amazing gallery for your enjoyment. And just like before you get to see the blow job from two separate points of view, to see both guys enjoying the session. For this one we have another eager guy that got straight to sucking when the cock came out through the hole, and he seemed that he didn’t have any inhibitions about it either. So just sit back and watch the two as they just enjoy the nice afternoon blow job session between them. Us, well we’ll be seeing you again soon with more. Until then enter the Czech Hunter blog and see other sexy gay guys sucking cocks!

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